[VIDEO] “Fake It ’til You Become It”: Power Posing for Personal and Professional Development

TED Talk Tuesday – Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

I stumbled upon this amazing and inspiring TED Talk several months ago and have implemented this in my personal and professional interactions. It is already yielding results. I have taken charge of several factors in my life and a couple personal and professional relationships that needed an overhaul. I’m still “faking it” to a certain degree, but I’m definitely “becoming it.”

If you feel your physical presence could use a power boost, try Power Posing for two minutes every day to minimize chronic feelings of powerlessness. Nervous about a job interview? Pose for two minutes in a bathroom stall before checking in. PowerPoint Presentation before the Board? Set your calendar reminder for five to ten minutes early and pose at your desk before moving to the conference room. Have a big meeting with a prospective client? Arrive early and recline in your car seat with legs extended and arms over your head until you feel ready to meet the challenge.

It doesn’t happen right away, and it does take practice. But keep at it, because “tiny tweaks can lead to big changes.”


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