Monday Morning Funny: Analyze This


Social Marketing without Analytics is like cake without ice cream. You can eat it; it tastes okay. But is it really complete? Is it everything you want? Are you getting the whole sweet, gooey, indulgent mess? Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather have it all?

If you’re “doing social media” for your company, or you’ve contracted with an independent consultant to do it for you, make sure Analytics is part of the deal. And by Analytics I don’t mean you have a Google Analytics API that you added to your website but you never actually look at the data, let alone try to understand it. And I don’t mean that “professional” consultant just e-mails you a bunch of screenshots of your Facebook Insights with no explanation or breakdown of the data. In short, don’t be this guy in the cartoon.

Understanding your Analytics (or having someone who can explain it to you) is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign, SEO, brand awareness, social media reach – everything. It’s not just another spiffy gadget to use that makes the cool kids know you’re up on the latest apps, tech trends, and best practices. It’s a road map and a battle plan. It’s historical data to back up an argument and make a point. It’s a guide for what works and what doesn’t, and what you might want to try next. It’s cake. With ice cream.


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