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Garden Gate Films

Social Media Management, Crowd Funding, Logo Design.

Manage Facebook & Twitter Channels, generate original content to promote the company, and new TV project “Awesome County, USA.” Advise the principals on design and strategy for an upcoming crowd funding campaign. Original logo design.

“Diane really helped to develop a social media presence for GGF. From designing the GGF logo to posting on Facebook and Twitter as well as standing at the helm of our crowdfunding campaign, Diane helped solidify and increase our fan base.” – Chantal Marie Principal, Garden Gate Films


Garden Gate Films had only recently created a Facebook Page when they hired me as a consultant. There were very few followers and very little content. I worked with them over the next two months to add photo albums, generate original content, curate third-party content, and do some Facebook networking with similar organizations in order to increase reach and engagement. The result is a modest but steadily increasing presence in Social Media and on the Web.


More available on the Facebook Page.

Logo Design Process

GGF also had no original logo to call their own. We fixed that.

Original Logo Concepts

Original Logo Concepts

First Logo Revision. Client chose middle of first three to revise.

First Logo Revision. Client chose middle of first three to revise.

Second revision and final logo.

Second Revision and Final Logo.



Along with no website, no original logo, and no Facebook Page, GGF also had no Twitter presence. In the first month of working with them I was able to get them off to a modest start. I will increase the Twitter presence when we launch the crowd funding campaign.

More available on the Twitter Page.

Crowd Funding

In development; updates coming soon!

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