Daniel Boone

Lulbegrud Creek Distilling Co.

Corporate ID/Branding, Social Media Strategy, Public Relations.

Consulted with the founder of an up and coming Craft Bourbon Distillery on all matters of Branding/Messaging and Corporate Image Design. Coached him in Social Media Strategy and helped him get started on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Advised him on crowd funding strategy and assisted in PR for the Kickstarter. While the campaign failed to reach its goal and ultimately was not funded, the client was able to parlay the attention the campaign received into alternative funding sources and he was able to move on to the next stage of business development.

"Diane's experience and knowledge in marketing is unimpeachable. She is hard nosed and detailed oriented. If you are looking for someone who knows not only what she's doing but why it should be done, then she is the marketing guru for you! She helped focus the brand identity in a way that was conducive to the consumer and assisted us in building our social media marketing in a way that supported our initiatives, elevating them to a level that achieved our desired results." - Brian Endicott Founder, Lulbegrud Creek Distilling Co.

Corporate ID & Branding

Lulbegrud Creek Banner

Lulbegrud Creek began after a Facebook conversation between myself and the founder, Brian Endicott, a Graphic Design Artist from Lexington, KY. He was seeking someone with knowledge of all things whiskey, and I was looking for a new creative project. After several brainstorming sessions around "Endicott's Bourbon," and research into land and water sources (in whiskey production, the water source is the Holy Grail), we built a brand and a story around Lulbegrud Creek. It serves as both the water source for the Bourbon, and the inspiration for the label's backstory.

Daniel Boone established several hunting camps throughout Kentucky. One of those, established in 1769, was along the banks of Lulbegrud Creek in Bourbon County. Boone's legend is full of adventure and colorful characters - a gold mine for someone trying to market a product with such a storied past as bourbon.

W.C. Fields Lulbegrud Creek Bottles William Faulkner

But, history doesn't have to be stuffy. And whiskey drinkers are actually getting younger. We kept the label (and all branding) modern, clean, and sophisticated. This will help us stand out on the shelf next to the countless other craft bourbons that are following the vintage "Old Timey" feel in their labeling. Or, the ones who are just ripping off Jack Daniel's, to be less charitable.


In June of 2013, after months of planning, Lulbegrud Creek launched a Kickstarter for seed capital. I assisted in the writing and editing of the Press Release and copy for the campaign. Lulbegrud Creek raised over $21,000 but fell short of a very ambitious goal of $45,000.

Although the campaign failed to fund, it was ultimately successful by other measures. It gained attention from several media outlets as well as attracted interest from a number of local venture capitalists, the City Council, and Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Endicott is now working with officials in the City of Winchester to open the distillery in their revitalized Downtown shopping district.

Click for Press Release PDF.

Click for Press Release PDF.

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