The William's Hunt, Book #1

The William’s Hunt, Book #1

The William’s Hunt

Social Media Management & Coaching, Social Marketing, Beta Reader.

Manage Facebook & Twitter Channels and generate original content for both. Coached the author in effective use of Social Media and basic Analytics. Designed and launched marketing campaigns around a book release and the largest Fandom convention in the world, DragonCon. I also serve as a beta reader for new chapters and episodes of The William’s Hunt.


When Ms. Cagg hired me she was a frequent user of Facebook, but was not using it for marketing and was not knowledgeable in how to use Facebook (or social media in general) for marketing and promotion. She didn’t understand Analytics or advanced utilization. She indicated this was a great source of frustration for her. So in addition to crafting and scheduling posts and designing marketing campaigns for her, I also provided her with coaching and step by step training materials.

The Milan Job

Five Days in Milan E-book Promotional Campaign. Click to expand.

Five Days in Milan E-book Promotional Campaign

“The Milan Job” is the paperback edition of the first five-episode story arc of The William’s Hunt. This made a five-day Facebook campaign (one episode per day) a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to spend five days in Milan?!

Trivia Time!

Because The William’s Hunt is all about piracy, time travel, and manipulating history we also ran a trivia contest for free episode downloads twice a week. One question focused on nautical terms or maritime trivia while the second dealt with a historical fact addressed in the book.

More available on the Facebook Page.

“Knowing next to nothing about how to make use of my Facebook account to promote my book series I hired Diane. For a month leading up to and including DragonCon she came up with a marketing strategy which culminated in a contest while I attended the Con. She posted photos and updates at peak times which improved interest and attention. At the end she supplied me with instructions on how to schedule posts, a spreadsheet of the results on what worked and what didn’t.” – Krista CaggAuthor, The William’s Hunt


For Ms. Cagg’s appearance at DragonCon I ran a special “treasure hunt” campaign. Every day during the Con I tweeted a photo of the author in her costume of the day along with a password and encouraged other Con-goers to “hunt” her down for a free signed copy of “The Milan Job.”

Details available at #HuntTheCon.

Facebook Cover Pic for the DragonCon #HuntTheCon event.

Facebook Cover Pic for the DragonCon #HuntTheCon event.

Analytics Reporting

I write a performance assessment including Analytics for every client. I provide context for the raw data, including what worked and what didn’t, and recommendations for next steps. This includes documentation and screen shots of Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Hootsuite, etc. – whatever the platform uses or calls for. This was especially important for Ms. Cagg as this was a limited engagement and one of her stated priorities was gaining a deeper understanding of Social Media so she could make better use of the platforms on her own going forward.

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